Mysteries Revealed/Visions of the Future/& The Way Things Are

This Page has been obsolete for a while now since most all of these things have come to pass or been proven feasable or projected so I decided to remove this page.
For those who witnessed these things come to pass in the blink of an eye over the short span since this site was first launched you got to watch the changes first hand and have noticed the discoveries, validations, and many changes. But for those who were to read that old page now they would only say, 'so what', since it's not so impossible to perceive now since we are already in the midst of these things.
Some of the insight like "why bad things happen" has gone into my free book Keepers of the Unpopular Truth" and I'll leave on this page some things not in any other of my web sites that might be of interest. If anyone wants to review what kind of futuristic view was on this page they can request it by emailing me.

Some pertinent things that were discussed on this old web page:
Reality of Death and The Falacious Afterlife Teachings That link includes a link to the Future Methods of Resurrection also a topic formerly discussed on this web page.

Question: Who am I? How do I know these things?
My name is Mike "Night*" or The "Shev*" (shortening of my last name)
(*)These are given nicknames going back years ago before my revelations and deeper studies, thus before all this was revealed.
My name in Hebrew: Michael Ha-Shev Ben Chaim
Means one:"Who's Like God, (Return/Restore/Deliver), son of Life"

The rest of this page, is out of necessity, and not ego, so please understand and do not judge or assume why I do what I do.

Daniel 7:13- I saw in the NIGHT visions (some translate as 'Visions of the Night'), and, behold, there came with the 'clouds' (Temple Priests gathering) of 'heaven' (future world to come) one like unto a son of man, and he came even to the Ancient of days, and he was brought near before Him.
(*note that the word clouds was used in the Bible to refer to the Hosts as it described appearances of temple priests who when flocking together in white robes looked like puffy white clouds-example 1 Kings 8:10, for Christians using their scripture who want more proof of this:IN Hebrews 12:1 cloud IS USED AS A TERM FOR A GATHERING of witnesses).

Daniel 8:16-17- Gabriel, an angel[messenger] from heaven [world to come= perfected earth] told Daniel, "..the vision concerns the time of the end."
Daniel 10:13-14-"...Then Michael, one of the chief princes (i.e., of the heavenly[future earth's] legion of hosts), came to help explain...the future, for the vision concerns a time yet to come."
Dan 12:1-4 "At that time Michael will arise, the great Prince, guardian of your people] [meaning in flesh, on earth, at this time of trouble.] everyone whose name is found written in the Book - will be 'delivered'(HaSheva).
"...until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge." (Dan 12:4)*(the internet)*
*(note the angel of Life with the book of Life who best holds these truths [Dan 10:21] was always Michael as the expected one to lead the Congregation at the Temple)*
Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: SOME shall live forever, others to shame and everlasting contempt."

You might now ask yourself: How are these messages in prophecy sent and from where do they come from?
Well the key to understanding the Bible and the prophecy is recognizing where Heaven is to then unlock the secrets of the stories about the hosts in heaven and their struggle to keep us on the right path. Heaven refers to the Hebrew word which meant 'world to come' or 'Kingdom to come' simply meaning a time on earth to come when we change our nature and repair and perfect our world. Therefore the messages in heaven are from the future perfected realm of existance down to the still progressing realm and layer of existance.
Timeas we perceive it to be is merely formed from our own perception and yet if we break the linear time line to be nonlinear capable that old perception of time is thus restricted and missconstrued to understanding the timelines. In simple terms what you thought was always at the beginning is actually created at the end and since everything has a process you assumed that process without giving a thought to what created heaven. In other words to bring us to the non linear timeline the Heavenly realm is not from the begining but starts at the end of the earth age interacting with the past, so it can be from the begining but it's really a process formed at the end of linear time. That's how I can be from the begining of Heaven to the end the earth age.
The downside with man's illusion of time is that, in their mistaken perception, people assume that heaven already exists therefore always neglecting to acknowledge the process of it's beginnings and the things it takes to assure it exists and occurs sooner rather then later.

The Dead Sea Scrolls,prophetic writings which aren't on my other web pages that might be of interest:
The Secret of The Way Things Are
4Q418 Frag. 77 2[ Understand or Seek? ] the secret of the way things are, and learn the nature of man and gaze at the faculties [ and workings or realities for] 3[ What ] has made him. Then you will understand the nature of mortal man and the weight of [ . . . ] 4his spirit, and learn the secret of the way things are, the weight of eras and the measure of [..TIME?..]

4Q418 Frag. 123 Col. 2 1[ . . . ] 7when years begin and when eras end [ . . . ] 3everything that has happened in it, why it was and what will be in [ . . . ] 4His era that He revealed to the ears of those who understand the secret of the way things are [ . . . ] 3you are one who understands, when you observe all these things [ . . . ] 6by its hand is the weighing of your deeds with the era [ . . . ] 7Whatever He leaves with you, guard carefully [ . . . ]
The sage asserts that his teaching comes from God.

"Sapiential Work" (4Q413)
"....I will teach you (Knowledge)and wisdom. And understand the ways of man and the works of Sons of Man......"

For those who think my vision of "Time" is too far fethched, perhaps it's something one can't fathom, but it's even written, so we should never assume:
(Secrets of Enoch, 32:4; 33:1) "There should be a time of not-counting [time will be insignificant-- endless with neither years nor months nor weeks nor days nor hours."
4Q299 F.5
(...light)s of the stars for a memorial of His name (is this Representing the Evening Star (Shalem) named in the city or the Name Night?) (...revealing) things of the mysteries of Light and the ways of Darkness (...) (...) the times of heat with the periods (of cold....) (... the new period) and the coming of 'Night' (...) (...reveal) the origins of things (...).

(Daniel 12:9) "And these words will remain secret and sealed until the End Times"

"This coming Deliverer (bringing reflection of Life) would undo the damage which Satan (Representing the adversary to the Creation and it's Essence we call the Creator) had done to mankind."

All these roles, are my fulfillment of the Messiah verses as was prophecized being "Michael" in ridding Satan, removing death and the worship of death.
This is why it's said: "When NIGHT is Given Light to witness to everyone, God's Glory". Until you see the real meaning of Light revealed (described exactly) in the scrolls to mean Knowledge and Truth, then you will be able to piece together the puzzle and all of a sudden with the knowledge and name, the interpretation makes clear sense and the veil is thus lifted. Now as you go back and re-read scripture, you will see many new exact references and clearer interpretations, and understanding it in a reality sense not a mythical one.
Fr. 2I (=4Q 418, Fr. 43) (....)'Night', he meditates on the approaching mystery and studies it always. Then you will know truth and injustice, wisdom from folly......then you will know differences between good and evil relating to their deeds. For the God of Knowledge is the foundation of truth, and through the approaching "mystery" he sets part his foundation the work of (his hands?) and in Pure 'Understanding' were revealed the "secrets" of his 'Thoughts'.....
(Later says:)And you will understand the begining of your reward at the memorial of the 'time to come'....."Vision" from the meditation....
Only if you knew that all my web pages were mentioned in this verse would you have put 2+2 together: (If you had a keen eye you would have noticed this without it being pointed out; A scroll, over 2000 years old, mentions in one simple paragraph, a person named 'NIGHT' who’s work on removing the veil is mentioned which is a known Messiah role by this verse in (Is 25:7)"That there's a spiritual veil over all nations only to be removed after the coming of the Messiah." As if that isn't enough, my main spiritual poem is called 'Understanding', on the web page title Artists 'Thoughts', and the revealed secret 'mystery'; page on 'Time' linked to the main web page titled 'Visions' of the future which relates to Daniel’s “Night Visions” while knowing it was always Michael revealing the future to come to Daniel.)

Formerly this section mentioned verses proving the Bible already mentioned the Moshiach as Michael but now I'll just leave a link to all those verses compiled by Heaven Org instead: Archangel Michael Biblical Reference Site
Further Verses and clues and Prophecy fulfilled and revealed:
Proverbs 1:22-33 Words of the Archangel Michael (4Q529, 6Q23) 1 Kings 11:36 Exodus (Shemot ) 4:7 Deut 24: 13 (Ki Tetse ) in Numbers 31:12 Matot Isaiah 11:4 EXODUS 23:20-22 Neh 9:6 Psalm 52:1-3 (Midrash Rabbah on Song of Songs 2:29 ) Song of Songs 5:2 on the dew of the Night (Mishnah Sota 9:15) Psalms 2:4 PSALMS 22:12-16 Psalms 27:12 Psalm 37:4 Psalms 52:1-3 Psalm 74:10 & 18 -They Blasphemy my given name and my title PSALMS 109:2 PSALMS 109:3 Psalm 119:104 Thanksgiving Hymn 12-14 More: Isaiah 55:8-9 [Isa 62:1.29] For Zion's sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until her vindication goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch. Psalm 121:4 "indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. " Psalm 132:4 I will allow no sleep to my eyes, no slumber to my eyelids, Ecclesiastes 8:16 When I applied my mind to know wisdom and to observe man's labor on earth--his eyes not seeing sleep day or night-. Micah 3:5-7 Micah 7:18 Daniel 10:13; 10:20-21;12:1-4 . Jeremiah 11:20, Jeremiah 23:5-6, Isaiah 51:9, Isaiah 59;19, Is.11:4,Isaiah 25:8, Is.52:13-53:12,Is 61:2, Zephaniah, 3:9,
Eliyahu Rabbah ch.4 , Hilchot Melachim 12:5 ,
Isaiah 51:3, Amos 9:13-15 & Ezekiel 36:29-30, & Isaiah 11:6-11:9
Talmud Ketubot 56a , Zohar II, 146a-146b
(Isaiah 45 and book of Ezra along with Dan 10-giving the vision to Cyrus to gather the dispersed and build the temple) Malachi 3:24, The Prophet Haggai 2:6-7 , Ps. 72:16, 4Q285 4-5&10, Psalms 7:7-8
4Q246, 1QS x12-18, 1QSb=1Q28b , 4Q300I ii4=4Q299 2 i I4, Melakim {I Kings8:43)Ezekiel 40-43)(Is.2:2, Zekh.14.16-21) Midrash Rabba (Exodus 18) . Exodus 23:20-22, Micah 4:5, Nahum 1. Isaiah 9:6, 11:2-3, 42:19, 61:2 .Psalms 7:7-9, 82:1, 90:4 .Jeremiel 14 · Jude 9
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Many uses of the number 7 (Sheva), the Shev (shew)Bread, the staff (HaShevet)in the Torah. HaShev in the bible: 1 (Gen 3:19 - Gen 24:5) 2 (Gen 24:6 - Gen 38:22) 3 (Gen 38:29 - Exd 4:7) 4 (Exd 4:7 - Exd 32:12) 5 (Exd 32:27 - Lev 27:24) 6 (Num 5:7 - Num 25:4) 7 (Num 25:11 - Deu 20:7) 8 (Deu 20:8 - Jos 1:15) 9 (Jos 2:16 - Jos 19:34) 10 (Jos 20:6 - Jdg 9:57) 11 (Jdg 11:8 - Rth 1:15) 12 (Rth 1:16 - 1Sa 12:3) 13 (1Sa 14:27 - 1Sa 29:4) 14 (1Sa 29:7 - 2Sa 14:13) 15 (2Sa 14:21 - 2Sa 19:12) 16 (2Sa 19:14 - 1Ki 8:33) 17 (1Ki 8:34 - 1Ki 13:10) 18 (1Ki 13:16 - 1Ki 20:9) 19 (1Ki 20:34 - 2Ki 7:15) 20 (2Ki 8:3 - 2Ki 19:36) 21 (2Ki 20:5 - 2Ch 6:37) 22 (2Ch 6:38 - 2Ch 19:1) 23 (2Ch 19:4 - 2Ch 32:21) 24 (2Ch 32:25 - Neh 6:4) 25 (Neh 7:6 - Job 9:18) 26 (Job 10:9 - Job 34:15) 27 (Job 35:4 - Psa 35:17) 28 (Psa 44:10 - Psa 78:38) 29 (Psa 78:39 - Psa 116:12) 30 (Psa 119:59 - Pro 25:13) 31 (Pro 26:11 - Isa 1:27) 32 (Isa 5:25 - Isa 37:37) 33 (Isa 38:8 - Jer 2:24) 34 (Jer 2:35 - Jer 14:3) 35 (Jer 15:7 - Jer 28:3) 36 (Jer 28:4 - Jer 33:26) 37 (Jer 33:26 - Jer 44:5) 38 (Jer 44:14 - Lam 3:40) 39 (Lam 3:64 - Eze 18:12) 40 (Eze 18:17 - Eze 33:18) 41 (Eze 33:19 - Dan 11:13) 42 (Dan 11:18 - Hsa 12:6) 43 (Hsa 12:14 - Amo 4:10) 44 (Amo 4:11 - Zec 6:1) 45 (Zec 7:14 - Mal 4:6)
And there is many more it's just to to keep track of when you got all this pointing to the same conclusion......
For Those who can't fathom this, breeze this page, revealing throughout history, man has fought against progress he couldn't imagine possible. But please come back and visit my other links which reveal my full teachings and understandings. Thanks!


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