Extracting DNA for Cloning Storing or Coding

There is a specific type of Cell needed to store for human cloning or coding, they are the most undifferentiated cells in the human body and maintain their full genetic code.
Example; the stem cells in the blood that have not yet differentiated into a particular type of blood cell. In the male, perhaps spermatogonia, germ cells, before they differentiate into sperm. In the female oogonium would best be suited. They are the cells that are precursors to the egg cell & might be stored and used for human cloning. The basic thought is that the less differentiated the cell is, the more potential it has to maintain the full Genetic code and less likely there are to be problems when human cloning is done. On the other hand it is much easier to collect a specimen of blood than it is to collect spermatogonia or oogonia.
Neupogen is a drug that can best be utilized to get the right kind of cells to come out of the bone marrow and into the bloodstream. People always ask about DNA in hair, mucous cells, or skin cells but right now they are less reliable until methods are found to extract DNA from them that maintain an undamaged code.
In Storing, Cryonics is the way to go, as cells can be stored in cryoprotectant, and frozen in liquid nitrogen. A cryoprotectant is some substance that helps cells undergo freezing and thawing without damaging the DNA inside them.
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