The Eye of G-d

I always knew the eye was in the name EHEYE, the name meaning “ I am I will be” given to Moses in the burning Bush in Midian.
I always thought it simply meant a symbol of being a watcher while also being part of the name spoken.
I know most people think the eye of G-d /Eye of the Father in Heaven is symbolic of the watcher, and that all watchers use the eye to sybolize their involvment in being a guardian and seer.
However, the eye has even a deeper connection to the whole Olam Habah process.
As my message wants you all to SEE.
In the Isaiah commentary of the scrolls, the first portions elude to the defeat of the Kittim(Roman hierarchy)& reinforces the Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 11 which deals with the Judge of Righteousness.
Later portions identify the community of the New Jerusalem.
After the people finally see their teacher who is hidden no more (4Q163)
meaning the teacher has been teaching, but not seen in public or person-*hint hint*-plus tradition always reported the Rabbi’s would keep him hidden -(Dan 12:12) then comes this statement:
4Q164 then states : behold I will set your stones in antimony.(liv, IIb)
This requires knowledge of that word Antimony meaning white mineral/alloy. Rabbinic Interpretation is;
All Israel is like antimony surrounding the EYE.
To me this means the stones are the Temple and symbolically the teachers are the stones in which the foundation is set,thus these stones are the center of the eye and all Israel is the surrounding portion of the eye that will be the sight for the blind of the world, for they as in Gentiles will now see G-d and all his glory Isaiah 66:18-19 (meaning they never knew G-d like they thought they had him in their worship and they were the blind) and the veil will now be removed from their eyes. (Is 25:7)
To simplify this: Doesn't the Vatican imposter the Temple?
Do they not call themselves the Holy SEE, thus they pretend to be the eye of G-d to the world, this is what the Temple will be except we have 20/20 vision and will bring mankind to focus on the world to come.
Backing this concept is the fact that The Gemara (Bava Basra 4a) calls the Mikdash ‘the Eye’ to the world that brings ‘light’ (knowledge and truth ) to this world.
(21a, DH Ki) quotes from a Midrash that the Beis ha'Mikdash is referred to as an "eye" as well.
Lastly Another example is in: Psalms 32:8 ‘I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go; I will counsel (give guidance to) thee with mine EYE.’
Since God has no figure or form then this is stating the Temple as the Eye which gives guidance/counsel. So read: Psalm 16:7-11 7 I will bless the LORD, who hath given me counsel; yea, in the Night seasons, my reins instruct me. It's in the NIGHT seasons this counsel instructs from. The Oral traditions, scrolls, Enoch all reveal the head counsel as Michael head of the hosts, those hosts are the Temple Hosts sometimes referred to by appearances as 'CLOUDS'. So when Daniel is referring to son of man coming with or from the clouds it's not literal it's slang of that era meaning coming with the Temple Hosts to the Temple during the procession or coming out of that group of Kohanim (Temple Priests). Even Christians claim in 1Theslonians 4:16-17 that "the Lord (king) comes with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel."
Surely this refers to Michael the arch (top) angel (messenger/prophet) and head of the Hosts shouting for the call and fervor (enrapture)to come up to ZION to the clouds (gathering of hosts) at the Temple procession to come.
And so we see a littler error by false prophets and teachers, through not knowing what the slang word 'clouds' meant, made them follow a delusion of some rapture to the actual clouds in the sky. That delusion cost people their faith in these things as well as their ability to see the reality as it's taking place now. So simple, yet so difficult when your ego and pride is greater then your desire for salvation and completeness of humanity.
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