My Hebrew last Name "HaShev" means 'Return'/deliver/restore/put back.

One must be careful not to translate HaShev into english as 'return' without noting it can be a name without intention to be translated to it's meaning or that it has a double meaning and deeper message when used and recognized as a clue.
Let's look at some hints and clues:
Regarding the Temple:
The prayer v'hashev ha'avoda lidvir beitekha, meaning:
"and restore the service to the innermost of thy house"

Exodus 23: 4 (Mishpatim ) about ‘bringing back’ (HaShev) the strays...

THE NAME would be in the Torah portions: MIKEitz, VayeSHEV, and SHEVitz
Just as the clue with The Name would be in the Bible=MIKrah and in the Temple=MIKdash

"Keep the 'ShevOT' in rememberance of me"

The Bread in the Holy Temple=SHEW (SHEV)

Isaiah 7:3 the name of the son mentioned in Isaiah is actually referring to the name Shear HaShev meaning; "a remnant shall return."

Let's also review the legend of 'the Return' (HaShev) of the Stone of Destiny which "SHRIEKS back" when the rightful heir to the throne SITS upon it.
The Columbian tradition tells us that, on secreting the Stone, the Abbot prophesied that one day 'The Michael' would 'return'(HaShev) to his inheritance."
We all know the Lore about the sword being pulled from the stone, coincidentally 'Night of the long knives' is connected with this arthurian saga, this is represented of the truth (sword) being pulled out of the stone (foundation of all things) at least according to the Grail or Holy Order of Knights (Ritters)
The one Knight pulls the Sword (truth) from the Stone (Foundation of all things) and is found the worthy one who as well slays the dragon. Similar to Michael slaying the dragon in REV and being called in Dan 10:21 the one who best knows these truths.
Another Clue According to the World Book Encyclopedia, "Saint Michael was the patron saint of knights." Put all these things together and you have Mike Night HaShev revealed even in the celtic Lores.
This mirrors the commentary in The Coming of Melchizedek scroll 11Q13 Col.2 whereby Michael (the Shiloh of Ezekiel says the Ezekiel commentary) not only comes back for his inheritance, but will 'return' them to what is rightfully theirs as well, thus the term ones who’s right it is refers to returning the Temple and authority back to Jerusalem and the Kohanim (Temple Priests) known as hosts. back to "Why we need a Messiah" Page