Ideas and Theories on solving Food Distribution Problems & Hunger

A new concept of mine for solving food shortage & distribution problems in the future, as well as medial tasks in society like food servicing etc when everyone is comfortably wealthy.
Imagine having stored, the molecular structure of food (Like a Meal), and then reproducing that at anytime. Future Microwave size units that instead of cooking food, photon or gas lasers write the structure of a meal which is stored in memory and tapped into at any time, so that an empty oven produces one with the food created out of previously non formed energy. No need to worry about food supplies or distributions like they do in Russia. No need to worry about feeding the starving masses in third world countries or distribution in emergency areas.
New Technology to help achieve this include;
A nanotechnology Laser Atom Projector Mixed with the new Austrian discovery on changing characteristics of the smallest particles, along with new or future methods of information storage and hyper speeds.
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