Amazing Secrets Of Life, Mysteries & Messiah Revealed

Secrets  Revealed

Being that the pineal gland is magnetoreceptive, they recently discovered that electromagnetic exposure of different parameters affects our pineal activity. In Increased activity and melatonin we find it increases our intuitive thinking therefore concluding that electromagnetic impulses can affect our intuitive mind.
Aside from this we also know thanks to amazing new advances in science, that applied biological and other frequencies can be used as direct "information inputs" (e.g., of feeling or emotion) and to reinforce brain rhythms associated with conditioning and information processing. One way to get such a signal into a human may be through use of a high frequency carrier frequency. Results of research into information processing, unconscious processes, decision making, memory processes, and evoked brain potentials would likely be exploited or integrated in an interdisciplinary system.
Example: suppose you have a school with extremely low national test scores and high rates of aggression and violence. A non noticeable frequency can be pumped through the speaker system to increase their pineal activity while supressing their agressive tendancies. Of course it can be tested and observed in one select school before a broader test and then through the results the community can decide if it's a good thing to do or not something they would be comfortable with.
From such ideas can come greater uses to supress violence in prisons, in arenas, and of course stronger sound wave usage for non violent approach to supress riots, hostage situations and other crisis.

Other new sciences like brain mapping and brain chip technology will allow us to not only to repair brain traumas and inflictions like Alzheimers, but also be utilized to tap all our fantasies through a reality that allows us to actually feel and sense the virtual reality as if it was real. Thus alot of the stress is released so that we can always enjoy anything and everything we ever wanted....and without the costs attached. Forget virtual reality, this will be like reality itself without leaving the house.
Now using this info, about frequency signals, I can explain to you what I know about God’s existance and the hosts communication methods that enable us visions and perceptions, of actual sensing of miraculous occurrences, through utilizing these same frequency and wave methods, that I mentioned earlier, recepted by our brain. In time, we might find that our DNA encodes our frequency reception or find other factors involving this phenominon like I mentioned in the begining of this page regarding our pineal activity. In time we could have the 'option' to fine tune everyone to be on the same wave length or same mind set if not at least used for toning down the more aggressive to become a tad bit more passive. Proof of this is in Twins who can sense and be in tune with each other, because they have the same bilogical codes to receive with. This transmission of frequency is how we sense God's presence, see apparitions, ghosts, etc.
The messengers of G-d also could use this method to control nature, like in provoked earthquakes, storms, and flooding. This has all been proven possible by a Gov't Project called H.A.A.R.P.(High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program). For those who think this is sci-fi nonsense, then why is it validated in the Science community and has been known from research and experimentations, that a form of radio-frequency energy was responsible for psychological states of mind as well as for things like weather conditions. Hint: The Angels have HARPS and in Christian commentary on this subject (many times borrowed from more ancient Herbew scrolls or descriptions)we find in their
book of Rev 11:6:"These men have power to shut up the sky so that it will not rain..." also is mentioned in scripture, "a Milky Rain", which also has been done with this project.
*Recent News* 10/2000-
Ben Eastlund reported to the New Scientist magazine that his work with HAARP technology would be able to stop storms like tornados using these microwave radiation devices to warm up the falling cool downdraft of air thus preventing the tornado from forming.
This method we sense as the essence of God, is what some assuming faiths have mislabeled as a tangible Holy Spirit, or as apparitions. This method should not be assumed, as the technology is possible for mankind in the world to come. In fact some con artists hiding behind religion use a form of these techniques along with hypnosis and power of suggestion to convince people they are performing miracles. Since everything has a process it should be understood as the secret process to come and not be placed as DIRECTLY coming from the Creator or suggested who the messenger (angel) is, from assumptions. As well, the Coming Jewish Messiah is not(G0D) and not divine (Hilchos Melachim 11:3-4) thus should not be taught as a direct creation (son)or direct part of him either. Son of G-d is a term meaning reflecting the essence we call G-d, and the Bible has many sons
but only 2 Main (arch) Sons (reflections=angels) neither which come from the loins of G-d and neither should they be taught or refered to as literal sons. These are mistakes Christianity has made in not understanding the terms used in Hebrew traditions and Torah context. The coming TRUE RIGHTFUL Messiah is who he is because of man's acheivements and reactions to their failures, as he is the reaction and result of all their great works and progress. God planted the seed, but man gave him birth in a way, thus the title 'Son of Man' (reflection of man's acheivements). Although, what some call the "Holy Spirit", is the essence of God’s manifestation it should be taught as an essence type spirit not a form type ghostly spirit. This essence is reflected by his spiritual children and the Host who are involved in manifesting that essence, thus the plural name El'ohim (includes the hosts). This word is describing the Love & Guidance of G-d through his reflective Hosts, but also describing the process of these messengers through the term El’OHIM=Electro Human Impulse Mechanism, gives us that love, guided instinct and complete wholeness ('Shalem'). It allows us to feel “the spirit” and feel the connection in order to give life structure and attachment as well as receive guidance from it.
What everyone calls spirit or soul, contrary to beliefs, has no way of exiting this existence into the other layer. As the words tell you when you die, the body goes back to the dust of the earth and the soul also dissipates into the energy surrounding this, our layer of existence, the earth. That's why even the elect, is in no rush to die and leave this earth, our only existence. Our Spirit (energy) can’t escape from this earth or have any senses or conciousness without a processor for it, which is what our brain is. We were formed from processions, layer after layer of micro realms to have concious energy, by placing the soul into the Body, which acts as the processor, otherwise there would be no "Life" to experience. So, there is no such thing as the portrayed afterlife in death, it's a false teaching which harms man's perceptions of how things are and need to be. In other words in thinking the realm is in death, already there, it keeps man from creating the place which he assumes is already there, but is actually a time to come. He then covets death and makes death flourish while neglecting life and participating in the process that leads us to the world to come.
In other words our goal and purpose is to create the perfected heaven that becomes the heaven we perceived already existed and the place we can RETURN to in order to enjoy the fruits of our achievments and be awarded justly for our contribution to that world to come. Yes this amazing place we dream about does exist but in Life not in death. It's merely in a different dimension (future) of this same existance we call Life. An existance that’s 'not time bound' (nonlinear). The future Earth where some will send transcending messages, including imagery or even themselves, into another layer of existence(Timeless/Boundless)as in the(Secrets of Enoch, 32:4; 33:1),becoming “Guides”(Angels). That’s the sense of purpose and drive in life, that is to create the heaven on earth promised, something we can't do if we mistake it for already existing because we don't understand how nonlinear time works. Perhaps we can call this a cycle that happens infinitely. The circle of life. Where there is no beginning or end, because time will become boundless, as specified in the scripture, telling us, how things are.
*New*.... People aren't getting the picture, so I'll have to ellaborate. You see, this is where it all starts. Forming the design, building the heaven (world to come) with the ability to create the spirit/souls that will be able to transcend and be placed in all times. (4Q255 III talks about God’s Angel of truth who CREATED the spirits) This is how guardian angels can exist in all times, this also explains ghosts, apparitions, and all the other mysteries tied into this presence. This is how I am from the Begining and End and thereafter. A few places hint to the begining being at the end, but we assume until the time the secret catches up. People can't fathom the real time line as it exists in a timeless circle. I am "THE only one" ever to explain or show how one can be from Beginning and End, that alone should be enough to know. Even the New Testaments like that of Thomas exposed this fact, because they were teaching Hebrew traditions through rehashing of the Torah.
THOMAS Verse 18 "Have you already discovered the beginning, that"now you can seek after the end? For where the beginning is, the end will be. Blessed is one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end, and will not taste death."
This was probably derived from secreting this verse;
(Isaiah 46:9-10) "... I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, 'My council shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure,' "
More proof of this can be found in the Hint or clue in the name the angel of the Lord told Moses. "EHEYE" is actually made up from the verb "I am" plus "I will be". So literally it is saying the name is "I am I will be" which is a clue of it starts in the Future (will be), placed back to the message in Moses time revealing himself as "I am I will be".
To back this further, I just found something in the most odd & least likely place, which strangely fell into my lap as fate would have it. It's a well known fact that Japanese customs/temples etc mirror that of the Jewish faith. Some feel they are descendants of one of the lost tribes which made their way to that region. One the Holy items in the Imperial palace in Japan, a brass mirror, has Hebrew etched on the back that reads in Hebrew: “I shall be as I shall be." Said to be taken from Exodus, chapter 3, verse 14.
More of this mystery will be revealed when people show they can handle it.


Now, remember the beginning of my visions page about “Deep Meanings”, where I mention about God being all bestowing and us receiving? The deeper meaning was that God sends the signal of his light (Knowledge & Truth) which we receive, and the Micro and Macro worlds have the same balance of function in it’s Bestow/ Receive, Positive/ Negative energy, Cause and Effect, Yin/Yang, Good and Evil. Bell’s Interconnection Theorem Proved this function of nature and no-one has realized this, as it fits the secrets of life. Because together with David Bohm’s Theory of Connection we now see the workings of the balance of life, where every action has a mirror reaction and connects with the whole. This is a major breakthrough in man to finally see, “THE WAY THINGS ARE”, and that they effect & reflect each other and need each other as a whole. As well this proves we are connected to the order of this earth, and proves my point on “Deep Meanings” about affecting each other for the reason why Bad things happen. But, will people still go on ignoring it? Basically all these things are Bestowing and Receiving in nature, which is mentioned in all religions, but different names are used for the same essence of function.
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*NEW* About Chanting and it's power.
People don't understand Tibetan chanting and other religious chants as having any real value, but I think that the frequencies and tonal waves given off of the chants do have an affect on the brain, and this is why we also feel so good by and enjoy so much Music.

Bringing  us  to  The  Meaning  Of  Life

Life is about forever attaining and progressing and evolving. Without the nature and thrill of attainment, we have no will to move forward and to even live. What purpose would there be without the free will to progress, or a sense of purpose or accomplishment? In societies that gives everyone something, in order to be socially fair, there remains no motivation, drive or stimuli, thus it’s doomed to fail. Like the Communist theology and the welfare state.
In all God’s Creation there is this will to succeed, survive, and progress and attain something higher, however, when we work against this will, we are causing the opposite of life to occur, and we then chose the concept of death. This is how people can evaluate and determine who they follow. Do they try and fulfill death in their teachings of rapture rather than teaching to fix things and change? Do their teachings lead to the feeling of no motivation or future to try and obtain? Do they teach fantasy and a place away from this grace the earth, which is the promised Heaven to be upon? Do they teach negative approaches, and do they teach against anything that stands for progress? In other words: Do you follow people who wish death? The answer is YES, most people follow death, the opposite of this Life, God’s Grace on earth.Notice that they make us sacrifice enjoyment and they prefer we sacrifice and suffer here (Purgatory), on this God given grace, for the attainment of some other place that they themselves are in no rush to go die for. In short, hang on to this life, make a difference and leave it functioning for your offspring, because this life is the grace and very precious to us all.

Basic    Universal    Beliefs    for    All

My Basic beliefs; taught to us through the messages of God, is similar to all religious teachings, but never worked on or held to. These should be common to all: To be Bestowing in nature and close to God with an appreciation for this Grace the Earth and your neighbors, who allow you to enjoy the benefits from their works, achievements, and their presence. To be without labels of faith, as it is the same one God creator for all. Be as much as possible without Hypocrisy, deception, walls, ego, prejudices, and abide by the Ten Commandments if not all of the Laws of Moses. Be familiar with the sociology of the Community as well as Psychology of man in order to understand why we act, react, and interact. Most of all, be considerate, compassionate, honest, open, respectful, and treat others as you wish to be treated.

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