Together As One
"A man walks into a room and sees a room full of people behind a table,angry ,starving, although the table is full of food , they cannot eat because they all wear iron sleeves that prevent them from bending their arms and so they cant bring the food to their mouths.....then the man walks into another room where all the people sit behind the table, calmly, cheerfully, wearing the same iron sleeves, only in that room the people had learned to feed one another..." *(author unknown)*

The Bible says God's will is One-(Zechariah 14:9)-It's important that the people find themselves coming together as One in Micah 4:1-2 or Genesis 11:6 message of one language.
We all know the many verses about G-d being one, but also the secret wisdom of the name of YHWH exposes that we must become as one in doing his will.
Seemingly there is this problem with Life's success or failure, it requires everyone as a whole to work together. A little analogy I like to use;
Say you're in an attached complex sharing one roof over your head and a storm comes and most of your neighbors and you board up your windows responsibly, but one clown decides it's not important to and irresponsibly does nothing to prepare. The storm hits and blows just his windows out and no-one else’s, however it uplifts his roof that's attached to all the other roofs in the complex, thus even the ones who were careful still get their roofs ripped off damaging the interiors anyway, due to the CONNECTED roof which allowed the elements in.
The logic is no matter how much you do your part responsibly, it only takes a few or one irresponsible people to cause havoc for the whole. Thus we succeed as one or die as self concerned separatists...for we are very much connected.
The world will have to start stressing, teaching, and recognize that this planet and it’s people are a whole that makes up God which is in it through all creation. Therefore striking at one portion of people in this whole organism is like striking a part of your own body and only damaging yourself and God who’s part of everything
[ We already proved that we are interconnected and affecting each other ], so that’s fact. In an analogy, if we see the whole as a body, then we see that removing a portion of it would be like chopping off a hand or arm, and damaging the earth would be like stabbing your own heart, and all these things are done unto God. -WRITTEN BY MIKE NIGHT-

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