Predictions/Prophecy I Have Foretold That Have Come True.

Was the First to reveal Saddam as the Anti Messiah mentioned as "Mabus" from Nostradamus prophecy....(years before the Gulf War even happened)
*(UPDATE)* This should put a rest to skeptics of me or of the Bible for the fallen Babylonian King Wanna Be Saddam(Nebuchadnezzar emulator- repeat Biblical history) was found in his pit 14/12/03- Isaiah 14:12-17 refers to the fall of the Babylonian King who placed himself high who they asked is this the (scruffy old) guy who shook the nations? Nosty was right about Mabus and I was right pointing out who Mabus was, the events and the correlating Bible verses ends that debate once and for all.
Even after all this people still were critical and so I left a surprise for those skeptics: This post can be found recorded in Deja News for verification. Subject: Re: How come none of you predicted this?
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Look at messaGE 47 in the thread my post Date: 2003-12-16 18:42:34 PST look at the very bottom the signature was Isaiah 25:12 just 5 and a half hours after Dec 25th (25/12/03)is when the ancient high fortress was destroyed by the Quake in Bam Iran.
Isaiah 25:12 And the *high* fortress of thy walls will He bring down, lay low, and bring to the ground, even to the dust.
**Note: BAM means in southwestern Persian dialect=HIGH.
I didn't post that verse for no reason I posted it to silence the critics as an event to occur. Note the discussion is regarding Mabus being a mirror reverse of the name Saddam and being that the event was in of all places a town called Bam as a mirror of Mab(US) it becomes even more ironic especially when the town also had to do with Nebu.

Note I was also the first to reveal Benny Hinnís sly play for Christhood, repeating history & prophecy and emulation of the false prophet born in Palestine who deceives with false miracles (check out his key hypnosis words-"Fire","shock him", "electrocute him" "in the holy spirit", thus the people act as if they are being electrocuted in response to the key words in hypnosis-also note the line on the stage and how patrons are placed exactly at specific points so what's under the stage can have an affect on the unsuspected patron. This is why sometimes the others accidentally in the way get shocked as well or the juice surges and more extreme reactions or affects take place like someone is having fun with the controls but getting out of hand making Benny Laugh at what's happening.
Note that in ancient times and in Hebrew J(Y)=H sound which is why in the Bible it says Joshua was named Hoshea.
So Bennyís name itself reflects his firey and rebellious nature as Hinn=Jinn and Jinn is referred to as rebellious demons. They possess the bodily needs of human beings and can even be killed, but they are free from all physical restraints. Well the only sorcerer false prophet from Palestine who's the only man named Jesus at the time of Saul was Bar (son) Jesus-(Acts 13).
Bar-Jesus was deemed by Saul as an Elymas (Magician) and called him the son of the devil which is similar to saying Ben (son) of J(h)inn.
In a prophetic way Saul was saying BarJesus was like Ben Hinn.
Benny is the same scam artist BarJesus was, knowing a few Egyptian magic parlor tricks, stage a few miracles with a few ringers who work for you and there you have a traveling sorcerer show fooling the peasants.

Even Arafat's name reflects the mythology of evil spirits-Ifrit, also spelled AFREET, AFRIT, AFRITE, or EFREET, Arabic (male) 'IFRIT, or (female) 'IFRITAH, in Islamic mythology, a class of infernal jinn (spirits below the level of angels and devils). The Fact Arafat causes chaos intstead of civility, steals money from his own people that was ear marked for their well being, and kills his own people to remain in power and other innocent people out of pride and predjudices is enough to understand why his name would reflect an evil nature as a beacon to warn us. If you want to know where Arafat's propaganda machine and his hatred and intolerance brainwashing of his youth stem from, then read my research on the source of this evil fanaticsm in Islam. It will all start to make sense and become clear how strinkingly similar the present brainwashing of Islamic nations youth is to a certain evil system that we thought we got rid of not so long ago and promised we would never let develope again.-Yeah right, because under our noses without the UN intervention the repeated history was allowed to develope the abuse and indoctrination of Islamic youth into the same system of propaganda and terror that we claimed would no longer tolerate and let exist. Wake up U.N.- you did nothing to stop or prevent the abuse of Palestinian children by the PA when they programed their school children to become hateful weapons against a civil society. The U.N. did nothing to hold Arafat accountable and now the whole world is seeing history repeat with a new mask/new face but the same system of hate and abuse that THEY Allow to exist.

Other predictions:
Predicted the Gulf War years before it happened.
Predicted the fall of Communism years before these events, & forsaw Russia & U.S. becoming allied while this was still considered an impossible dream.
Predicted week of Roy Orbisonís death.
Predicted Year of Andy Warholís Death.
Predicted & released the info for the use of Nitric Oxide as a cure all 5 or more years before it was annnounced.
Envisioned & released the info for the process of cleansing the blood for helping to cure, a few years before it came out.
Predicted the integration and connection of the brain with computer chips and computer devices to stimulate info and feelings and other uses like capturing memory for storing or review.
Predicted the ability for man to break down molecular structures in order to change itís structure to something else.
Predicted the ability for man to map and change or fix genetic structures and codes.
Predicted Man would discover a way to clone Humans (this is yet to be done but is feasable)*UPDATE*Scratch that- DRs in Asia have succesfully achieved this but destroyed the cell before it could develope.*
Predicted Indias Mass Floods in the exact month they occured, years before they took place.
Predicted one of the market crashes exact date hit.
Predicted Italyís 1998 earthquakes and catastrophes like the Mudslide.
Predicted where Hurricane Opal and Georges hit.
Predicted the Name of the Apparent Co ownership of a building I bought in another state at least two years prior to the purchase where by the Unique name came to me in a song and revealed itself on the title to the building at settlement. While Living in this newly purchased Building near Pittsburgh I Predicted the 1990 NL MVP of baseball for the year that Barry Bonds won it after his rookie year, I predicted it out of a vision, before the season started, without being a fan and before he was a known star.
*(Update) My recent prediction regarding sports came true: I predicted Hockey center Mike Comrie would become a Phila Flyer when others said it was crazy and a poor rumour weeks in advance of the actual occurance. *(recorded in EXPN hockey forum)
Predicted the 1998 Turkish unrest in 1997, My other predictions on Turkey are still coming true.
Foresaw a day of a Hebron incident the night before.
Predicted in 1996 all the increases in persecuted clergy around the world, before this was a recent trend.
*FULFILLED*-I'm sorry to say my prophecy of the Coming Winter Famine in Russia is now serious reality.-
Recent Prediction on 2/15/99 for a May 16th boom was recorded & archived in Deja News. This prediction was before the war. & May 16th did go boom in many ways- It was the day of the heaviest bombing on Belgrade thus far for Nato, Ironically "Moon" river and "strangers in the Night" playing on Belgrades Radio as they receive the worst and strongest bombing to date.
Also That exact Day Sunday May 16th Warplanes dropped 24 bombs in Sudan's southern Bahr al-Ghazal state, killing a 10-year-old girl and wounding at least one boy, despite a civil war truce, by the UN World Food Programme. Some of the bombs fell on a site used by WFP for airdrops of food for distribution to some 16,000 people in the area. * Update 10/99*
On my same post I had a string line of initials of places TeXas, ITaly, TurkeyY, KoreA..which would receive minor disasters and not only did these string of places receive such events before & around that date but they repeatedly that year, including my prediction of the Italyís Volcano eruption.
*Update 2002*
Recently they discussed where Bin Laden was last seen and where they found the Al Queda tunnels and caves and hidden arsenal at the mountains near the Khyber Pass. They even discussed watching and blocking the water ways and escape paths to Pakistan in that region all exactly how I discussed it in late Sept months before we watched it being discussed on TV.
**Proof is in Deja news/ Google archives.**
The discussion string.
Through meditation and blessed gift a person like me across the globe with no knowledge of the Afghan country could single out a location that took our gov't months and many intelligence gathering missions and men to find. If they had faith, sought me out and believed in me and gave me an outlet then they would have saved time and trouble. I believe my book (downloadable in this Free E-Book)"Keepers of the Unpopular Truth" talks about this neglecting to listen to the prophets, a problem that society has always had.

Failed Predictions:
I am very careful that I donít throw out just anything I see, as itís important to dicern whatís just subconcious mind imagination and real vision. Therefore I rarely have a failed vision as I have mastered telling the two apart.
The only failed instinct prediction, which of course was not made in G-d's name, is when I thought Dole would be President. However, Dole wasnít even a thought when I predicted this 4 years prior to the elections, a long shot that came close as he won the Republican Primery but lost to Clintonís Lies. Would it be a hit if Clinton getís Impeached? Well I predicted this impeachment hearing over 3 years ago. I said they would try to impeach him years before. So for a failed Prediction, itís not to shaby eh? *UPDATE from that prediction*-Well it's official, I know alot of people who I told this to, years ago, that are gonna be shocked that I knew this that far in advance. Iím sure there are a few things I said in haste that didnít happen, but I canít remember them & they are far and few to mention.
There are more things I have proposed would happen that have become fulfilled and others are nearing fulfillment, but I canít discuss them because some involve high elected people and other things involve sciences that have proven or made tangible my visions of what could be, proving them feasable or officially obtainable.

To see what I forsee in the future to come, some that have come to be feasable and other stuff yet to be implimented, then visit my
Visions page for The way things are & the way it could be: