x' = (x - v t) / (1-B^2)^1/2
t' = (t - (v x)/c^2) / (1-B^2)^1/2

The above Dr. Ricardo Carezani's Autodynamics Time Dilation Formula can be utilized together with new teleportation discoveries and my time manipulation theory. Time Dilation is a "time average" taken by the phenomenon to emit the energetic particle or photon (lifetime). This becomes important when breaking down to Photons for teleportation in order to bring about other opportunities in science through these mathematical equations. Photons travel at the speed of light because their mass is identically zero. Now a question can be raised, can these photons be misplaced or lost in time, thus the time dilation theory, which also can be helpful to understanding and qualifying better equations. *New* Scientists Claim:Yoked Photons can Break the Light Barrier reported Mon Oct 9, 2000 by Science Magazine/science online. Former reports claim this same success and notice what it says in this report: if light could travel forward in time it could carry information-validating my thesis on prophecy/messaging that the President did agree was possible in his millenium science symposium he held with professor Stephen Hawkings a week after I anounced these things to many science and Gov't and international organizations.

Time   Wave   Patterns

New Gravitational Wave Astronomy study of Black Holes will allow us to study the Time Space Pattern which will give us insight on time & space possibilities, that will lead to duplicating these patterns. Along with new advances in technology like Teleportation and Super Fast Computing, these patterns can be utilized possibly for time travel or at least to send signals via frequency or sound waves through time. Perhaps eventually create a passage to transcend this layer of existence. *NEW* The problem with time Tunnels and Black Holes is they are said to stretch and collapse whatever should pass through, but perhaps by creating the opposite charge to the walls (creating a pull), then it can glide through without collapse. Perhaps playing with combinations of charges or even gravity on the inner and outer walls of the object, can create a non collapsible vessel.
Photon lasers can be used for speed of light travel, however the vehicle slows and weighs heavier in high speed, perhaps this too can be solved not by opposite charges, but similar charges repelling the vehicle and gliding it easier with added magnetic field propulsion technology. I don't have a lab to test this out,so it's just a shot in the dark idea I envisioned.

Sending Sound Through Time:
"Tachyonic anti-telephone," was proposed, by Gregory Benford and colleagues. It's based on producing and detecting tachyons, assuming they travel back in time, then we would actually have the ability to send sound to the past and warn the past about the future as well as guide it safely. (What I have revealed to the Gov't as to what Prophecy is)

What is the possible reason for prophetic lyrics in songs?

I base one possibility from Dr. Raymond Y. Chiao's theory that superluminal propagation of off-resonance finite-bandwidth electromagnetic wave packets(similar to my electromagnetic impulse theories on my way things are page), whose phase, group, energy, and signal velocities, as defined by Sommerfeld and Brillouin. They all exceed the vacuum speed of light c. Einstein causality is *not* violated, since the front velocity is c.
My thesis expressed that since we have ways to measure and show frequency wave patterns as with oscilloscopes, then with these abilities to know the pattern of words being expressed, we can then send these high frequency wave length patterns of the words we chose to send. Someone with a good receptive mind can pick up these frequencies and have the impression of those words in thought. If we send these frequencies through time, then these words would be picked up by those who are receptive to these high frequency waves, such as Musicians while creating songs. Why Musicians? Perhaps targeting them specifically is possible. Maybe because it might be intercepted and coming out of their equipment through the resonance of these finite-bandwidth electromagnetic wave packets, inaudible to the ear, but well received by the conscious? Perhaps Musicians open up portions of the creative side of the brain while playing music, and this is a more receptive stimuli.
Why do I believe this? Because of an experience I have had many times prophetically through my lyrics that just came to me. Not just in my songs themselves, which later proved very prophetic, but I had something so strong come to me, and I would repeat it over and over, only to find out later that unique set of words miraculously poped up in an important transaction a year later, on my deed to my new building I had purchased. To test this theory more, one would expect & want to recognize hints and clues to this ability from ones own favorite artists or ones own songs, because that would make sense to leave a test like that to reassure ones own theories. Well most all my favorite bands & my own music have clues so perfect that it's almost impossible to be a coincidence.
David speaks of as his protector and redeemer when dedicating his Psalms to the CHIEF (arch) Musician. The Musician is a clever expresion based on literally being a musician, but also one who Orchestrates as an ARCHISTRATEGE. The Musician many times has a gift or a talent to draw from a higher transcendent source of inspiration as Beethoven did in composing his music, so perhaps Psalms dedication to the chief musician is a deeper clue then we imagined.


The author of this page, Mike Night is a card carrying member of the S.A.A. (Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics), The Foresight Institute (of Nanotechnology), The NCN, and
the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police (Lodge 5).
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