Dedicated People Designing our Future to Come
Perfected Heavenly Earth

(These Candidates for Night's Council of Societal Affairs Personify the Reflection of Principles of Life, while Sacrificing & Bestowing for the Greater Good of Mankind)

Note: this has nothing to do with the Kohanim (Temple Priests) which is a seperate council seperate function within the Mikdash.

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Visionary, Member of S.A.A. (Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics),
The Foresight Institute, The New Civilization Network & Time Travel Research Assoc.
Found a way for man to cheat death and live forever as the same memory
as well as a future perfect way for resurrection as the same exact being. Envisioned & promoted the use of Nitric Oxide as a cure all, which recently won merit through other people's implimented research which won them a Nobel Prize. Found a solution to our waste disposal problem & hunger/food distribution problems through manipulation of molecular structures. His frequency ideas to sedate criminals & solve hostage crisis by non casualty & non violent means is now being implimented (*protector of the Police). Inspires behavior studies acknowledging perceptions within belief systems, while exposing false religious teachings, by revealing the true scripture and symbolism. He supplies info and guidance to many orgs to stop false missionary and Church claims and practices, while bringing people back to a the reality concept of G-D and Judaic teachings. He's been termed the Evangelist's watchdog for his efforts. Michael is involved in highly dedicated, behind the scenes mediation, lobbying, promoting, & teaching, while planting seeds for our future. This work lead to the Nanotechnology Initiative with Gov't funding & also Gov't lifting a ban & funding certain controversial cell research. Often he's too advanced to fathom, but has been proven right when advances catch up and prove his theories feasible. He's been designing, creating, and solving our path to the perfected future to come by showing us how to reach where we could and ought to be.

Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon

Was appointed Foreign Minister a few years back and a major reason why the peace agreement was signed Oct 98 now Ariel has climbed his way up the ladder as newly elected
PRIME Minister of Israel. Formerly part of the Parliament of Israel/minister of national infrastructure In the 50s he had become a Major and formed an elite "anti-terrorist" group. His first military experience, however, began when he fought in the underground Haganah, which Fought in 1948, creating the state of Israel.
One of his great ideas is a plan to build three man made islands on the shore line in order to accommodate more people in such a limited land mass that Israel has.

Ralph C. Merkle, Ph.D.
Chairman of Foresight Institute, involved in nanotechnology molecular science, molecular manufacturing, which will assist in healing, and replenishing the Planet, as well as other great advances. Other Interests include the study of Cryonics & how Nanotechnology can enhance benefits to this field and extend our lives. His appearances on TV and efforts have now caught the main stream interest for these technologies, as well as help get the newly proposed funding, which the Gov't is considering through a national nanotechnology initiative, to further work on & explore the applications of such technology.

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
Spiritual leader for the Temple Institute , Rabbi Israel Ariel works hard to advance the cause of the Temple and prepare for its establishment, not just talk about it. He's active in raising our conciousness & our spirits, and wrote; "The Odyssey of the Third Temple"

Futurist, Involved in the Nanotechnology circles, Former Member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is Partner and President of Technology Strategies & Alliances Corporation, a strategic advisory and investment banking firm engaged primarily in the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and electronics industries. His concerns and speaches reflect a strategy for new technology, needing guidance. Currently, Admiral Jeremiah serves on the Boards of Directors for Litton Industries, Alliant Techsystems Inc., Geobiotics, Inc., GSE Systems, Inc. and Standard Missile Company, advisory boards for Texas Instruments and ManTech International, and the Defense Policy Board that advises the Secretary of Defense.
(Hats off to this Guy-Thats one Busy man!)

Jacque Fresco

Life’s works include The Venus Project-(Venus Florida) which is based on the integration of the best of science and technology into a comprehensive plan for a new society.
He was a design consultant for Rotor Craft Helicopter Company/Industrial Designer, Army Design and Development Unit. Research Engineer for Raymond De-Icer Corp., L A, California.
Author of “Comprehensive Introduction to Sociocyberneering” 1977 and other similar Sociocyberneering books. Some of Mr. Fresco's inventions and designs include;
Systems for noiseless and pollution free aircraft, an electrostatic system for the elimination of sonic boom.
In the medical field, developed equipment ranging from 3-dimensional x-ray units to electronic surgical instruments. Latest projects include designing cities, transportation systems & Space Station.

This Pic Compliments of Fate Magazine
Barry Chamish

A writer in Israel who is keeping us honest, exposing the scenerios and plots to claim the throne of Israel, while exposing the plans of the Illuminati. (as Prophecized in 1Enoch ch.20)
Barry is also keeping us updated on other issues while exposing a behind the scenes look at the world. Barry is a true dedicated World Watcher who's looking out for our best interest.

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